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Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses Are Moving To Managed IT Services

If you’re still struggling with technology issues and hire IT consultants or IT Companies in Houston by the hour, then it should come as no surprise as to why they never seem to fix anything for good.

Pay your IT guy by the hour is the same thing as rewarding him/her for keeping things broken. It’s not in their best interest to do a good job and fix thigs permanently as they live and work by the hour.

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Focus on the Mission-Critical by Leveraging Managed IT Services

Business owners and C-levels executives realize and want to do what they do best. Which is to focus on the overall picture and not get down and dirty in the IT closet as has been the case in past years. Each position holder needs to play their own position and that realization has very much set in. A CFO needs to focus on the financial’s, while a CEO focuses on the overall business game plan. Just as a Dentist needs to focus on pulling teeth rather than pulling cables, etc.

Simply put, technology is crucial for any business, but should not be the reason to be in business. Small business owners need to and want to focus on their major business function to increase customer satisfaction and profits. And not mess with the ever-changing landscape of IT and technology. However, many business owners and C-Level executives spend too much time worrying about their IT. And are left with less time than they would like to focus on their major business function. This not only leads to a bad work environment, but also inhibits company growth, and reduces customer satisfaction. In this scenario, technology is working against the business instead of benefiting the business.

Flat Fee Managed IT Services Help Reduce Risk

With a flat-rate IT services agreement, you no longer have to worry about technology. The managed IT services provider assumes all the risk for any technical failures in your business environment. Many business owners are now realizing that moving to a flat fee IT support agreement is the best business decision they can make. The business owner no longer needs to be concerned about the number of hours an IT consultant spends on-site or remotely. In a best-case scenario, if your systems are down, then the managed IT services provider will respond with speed and efficiency to reduce the amount of time being spent on any client activities.

Simply put the managed IT services provider is losing money and all the risk is on them. You pay a fixed monthly fee regardless of the number of hours consumed in IT consulting services for resolving your technology headaches. So whether a provider is at your site for 20 hours or 200 you still pay the same flat monthly fee for IT support. You no longer have to worry about hiring, training, managing, and certifying an IT staff. Many business owners feel as though they are being held hostage by their IT department and are making the smart decision to switch to managed services.

Managed IT Services Improve Employee Productivity

Statistically one of the largest expense items on any profit and loss statement is the employee payroll. It’s highly likely that many of your employees use a computer to perform their roles. If their computer or the network is down, your employees automatically switch over to break mode as they can’t work. It’s important to consider what downtime really means for your business in terms of hard dollars. Many small business owners are under a false sense of success when they attempt to interpret their financial ratios. But one ratio they never seem to calculate is the true cost of a system and network downtime. Try our employee monitoring ROI calculator to give you a ball-park idea of how much you’re truly loosing to idle employee time, whether that is due to system downtime or improper use of the Internet and network resources.

Taking a proactive approach to your company’s network and technology needs can make a world of difference on your bottom line. By outsourcing your IT support needs to a reputable local Managed IT services company and by proactively monitoring and improving employee productivity. We’ve seen businesses reach new and improved levels of productivity. It also seems to transform employee attitude by removing roadblocks to productivity and the associated frustration.

Managed IT Service Providers Bring An Enterprise-Class Capabilities

With a reputable and reliable managed IT services provider you gain access to enterprise-class people, technology, and processes at a fraction of the cost of having it all in-house. iTenol Consulting invests heavily in its Tools, Technologies, and People with training, and certifications, which enables any small business to gain a competitive edge.

Flat Fee Managed IT Support Reduces Costs

Often times we come across small businesses that feel that have a good grip on IT, which is often far from the truth, and after a few questions, we find otherwise. Its commonly believed handling IT in-house or paying time and materials is the best thing. And a few more questions later, it’s discovered that they are spending more money today than they would on managed IT services. Having IT in-house can become a very expensive proposition; you not only have to pay for certifications and training, but you’re also left picking up the pieces when you’re short-staffed or someone falls ill or goes on vacation.

With in-house IT you are relying on a few people to know the answer to everything. With the rate at which technology evolves, it is increasingly difficult for internal IT staff to keep up with the latest trends in business technology. On top of training, you have to pay for salaries, vacations, and other benefits, which can add up very quickly and be very costly. When partnering with a managed services provider such as iTenol, you eliminate these costs, and we never call in sick, and nor does your business pay for any vacation time.

Overall, we are seeing many small to medium-sized businesses take advantage of gaining enterprise-level managed IT support at an affordable price for their business. If you feel like any of the above 5 reasons hit home for you, please feel free to reach out to us for guidance and advice. There is never a charge for conversation and we’ll provide you with a fully written Managed IT Services Proposal to help you make your decision. Let’s talk about how our managed IT services can help you grow your business – Call Us Today @ (877) 948-3665

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