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Timing Is Everything When It Comes To Outsourcing IT Services

If you’re a CFO or CIO with a mess on your hands, and you decide to outsource the mess, then for the most part what you’re going to have on your hands is a bigger mess, no matter who performs the deed, and whatever their cost. To eliminate this disaster, you must have a handle on the priorities, structure, costs, strategy, and competencies of your organization. Until this happens, you’re in no position to even think about outsourcing.

Many companies make the mistake of bringing on an IT outsourcing company in hopes that the mess will be cleaned up, and that things will run better, faster, and cheaper. But sorry It won’t, never has, and never will.


Knowing When To Fully Engage With A Houston IT Outsourcing Provider

We at iTenol have had the pleasure and displeasure of seeing such a mess. It’s one that requires a hand on-hand approach to solving the problems. Our policy at iTenol is never to fully engage with a client who has a mess on their hands unless and until there are at every single strategy meeting, and there is an open line of communication from top-down, something many IT outsourcing companies don’t care to do, as it’s often seen as a waste of time.

We, on the other hand, see it as an absolute necessity to make sure that we fully understand what the problem currently looks like and what the clients IT goals and business strategies are, and we also make a point of understanding the company’s culture as well as the skills of technical and non-technical employees.

We typically will consult at a lighter level to provide the CIO and CFO guidance to help solve the mess before we fully engage. As a CIO or CFO, it’s in your best interest to establish a benchmark and a starting point prior to fully outsourcing IT, because this not only sets the minimum expectations but also sets the strategy on the right track making it attainable. So before deciding to outsource, consult with us to perform a pre-outsourcing audit of the environment to guarantee success.

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