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Break Fix IT Support = More Break, More Expense and Less Fix

If you’re using an IT services company to perform break/fix IT services and wondering why things are constantly broken and seldom ever stay fixed?

The just look in the mirror and you’ll find the reason. Stop rewarding your IT guy our Houston IT Services Company by the hour to fix problems. They never will and nor is it in their best interest

If you want to end the break/fix dance, simply hire a professional eat and much as you like Managed IT Services Company that offers flat fee Managed IT Services

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Small Business Break/Fix IT Support Houston

Systems down, server down, staff productivity way down, and frustration and heart-rate up. If you’re a small business relying on break fix services, then this is an all too familiar situation.

You’ve elected to hire a local Break Fix computer repair tech to provide you computer support as and when you need it. The problem with this way of managing your Technology investment is that the person you call is not readily available, and nor are you a priority as you’re not on any contract.

This is not only frustrating for you, but very disruptive to your business, and worse still you’re not a priority unless it’s time to pick up a check. Ring any bells yet. Yes your not alone and we understand your frustration. Many small businesses have been operating this way for years, and spend more on IT and computer repair than if they just proactively maintenance their system

What’s the solution. A Free no-obligation network audit of your environment from a professional technology consulting firm that has been in business for over 18 years is the start to a turning your cost center into a revenue-generating profit center.

Call us today. We’re easy to work with, understand your need for S.H.i.T (Software, Hardware, Information, and Technology) to just work — and Yes We Have a Sense of Humor.

Let us help you make your technology work for you rather than you working to keep your technology up and running, you’ll be glad you did. With our Managed IT Services you can rest assured that we’ll handle everything from the routine maintenance to planning and be helping you grow your business by leveraging the right technologies.

Best of all we do this all for one low flat monthly fee. Something you can budget and plan for. Not to mention a fee you can live with.

Managed IT Services vs Break / Fix IT Support

Keep doing what you’re currently doing and know that you lose more than the cost of the repair. You lose productive staff hours, you lose customer confidence if you can’t address your customers concerns and deliver products and services on time

To date, you have been rewarding your existing IT consultant to come in and repair what is not working and broken. Are you surprised that the problem never really goes away? If it did your IT guy would be out of business

End the technology nightmare and start afresh with an IT consulting company that only gets paid when your systems are up and running…

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