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Seven Keys to Successful IT Outsourcing For CIOs and CFOs

IT Outsourcing for CFO’s and CIO’s

While most of what is being said is not in our best interest as an IT consulting company it has been our experience that this is the reason why most outsourcing relationships turn south. Many times, and for many reasons We have been called in to help a CFO or CIO recover from a bad IT outsourcing relationship.

While there will always be pros and cons to IT outsourcing, we have come to find out that there are a number of repeat patterns of failure, which is the focus of this article. In addition to this article, we’ve highlighted the Top 5 Reasons for IT Outsourcing Services.

We have taken the seven common mistakes made by CFO’s and CIO’s and highlighted the solution to the mistakes based on our experiences.

  1. IT Outsourcing Should Not Mean Out Of Sight Out Of Mind : –
  2. Timing Is Everything When It Comes To IT Outsourcing : –
  3. IT Outsourcing is a Marriage Made In Heaven : –
  4. Strong Internal IT Management Team Results In A Good IT Outsourcing Experience : –
  5. Avoid Master-Slave Model With Your IT Outsourcing Company : –
  6. Never make assumptions about core versus commodity : –
  7. Getting The Buy-In When Outsourcing IT : –


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Your IT organization is going to constantly face a mind numbing array of new and existing demands. From desktop support, mobility and network security to big data, backup and disaster recovery, VoiP communications and collaboration, product development to enterprise resource planning, your embattled team is being pulled from one project to another.

There simply is not enough time in the day to perform, let alone achieve all of these tasks effectively, so of course, it’s only sensible to outsource some of that work. Enabling your best resources to focus on what makes your company great.

But traversing the minefield of pitfall and danger which lurk hidden around the corner with a huge percentage of outsourcing agreements that are considered failures, you must understand that outsourcing is anything but an easy fix. Having the right IT outsourcing company as a partner and a little forethought can help you avoid creating a new mess while you try to deal with the old one.

So whether you’re a small growing business looking for Small Business IT Support, a much larger organization looking Information Technology Outsourcing, or if you can relate to any of the points identified by us as the cause of most IT outsourcing relationship, then contact us and let’s chat about how we can help you achieve your IT mission.

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