Server Virtualization Benefits and Challenges

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Server Virtualization Benefits – 10 Major Benefits of Server Virtualization

Businesses who embrace server virtualization technologies simply can not live or survive without the benefits of server virtualization.


You’ve probably heard the buzz word “server virtualization” Server virtualization is widely regarded as “new technology”.

While it’s certainly not a new technology by any means.

Server virtualization is a very mature technology & has been around for over 10+years. Business who have embraced virtualization technology simply can’t live or survive without it.

If you’ve not taken a sip from the server virtualization cool-aid then you have no idea what your business is missing As a small business, with tight budgets, growing competition, and escalating operational costs, it’s important to look in every direction for cost saving.

That’s where the true magic of server virtualization happens.

The features and benefits of server virtualization are beyond the physical world of servers.

There are 10 major benefits of server virtualization that have stood the test of time, well at least the past 10+years.

Server Virtualization Benefits

1) Save energy and the environment = save tens of thousands of dollars a year

2. Reduce data center footprint

3. Easily deploy Q and A and lab environments

4. Rapid server provisioning

5. Eliminate the hardware vendor ball and chain

6. Increase uptime

7. Improve disaster recovery

8. Easily isolate applications

9. Extend the life of legacy applications

10. Enables easy migration to the cloud

If your business is struggling with server and hardware sprawl and increased cost associated with having too many servers in your environment, then let’s talk iTenol has been helping businesses of all shapes and sizes achieve it Nirvana by virtualizing and simplifying their environments.

While still being able to increase uptime and operational efficiency.

Let’s talk, the call is free and so is the initial consultation iTenol virtualization engineers have experience with a number of virtualization platforms such as VMWare, Hyper-V, Citrix Xen Server, Oracle VM, IBM PowerVM, Linux vServer to mention a few.

This raises the question of “which virtualization software is best” for your business Making the right choice is critical, as a wrong choice in virtualization technology can not only be costly but also disastrous.

Call iTenol consulting to help you navigate the maze of virtualization platforms and help your business achieve virtualization nirvana

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