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Managed Services Provider Houston


The buzzword relating to IT Support is Managed Services, more and more businesses are jumping on the bandwagon. But what does managed services actually mean and how can you tell if an IT Support company is not just using the word as a marketing tool. What is the difference between “flat fee” or “flat-rate IT services Houston” and “Houston managed services”? Managed Services Houston allows a business to offload the vast majority of their daily IT operations to a “Houston Service Provider”, known as a “Houston Managed Services Provider” or sometimes referred to as a Managed IT Services Provider in Houston. The managed service provider assumes an ongoing responsibility for 24-hour monitoring, managing and/or problem resolution for the IT systems, A good managed services provider in Houston is likely to be very pro-active and involved in problem remediation on a proactive basis.


Managed Services Provider Houston’s Break/Fix IT Services Houston


Not too long ago many businesses trusted their local computer repair guy to manage all their IT services requirements as and when they needed it. This was regarded by many small businesses as “good enough” IT services in Houston. The problem with the break/fix model of support technology is that often times the cost of repairs were far greater than the cost of proactive maintenance. Many small-time computer repair tech’s would take full-on advantage of a clients situation. As there was never a financial motive to fix what was broken. Quite the opposite the more the computer repair tech got called on-site the more he made. So under these circumstances, nothing would ever truly get fixed. Enter “Managed Services Houston”.

As a small business, engaging the services of a managed services provider in Houston, you would rest assured that whatever the problem, there was never any outrageous bills for repair. And you knew that it was in the managed services providers’ best interest to proactively maintain and repair before the issue resulted in an outage and downtime. The main difference between “Houston Managed Services” and Houston Computer Break-Fix Computer Repair was how and when the IT services were being performed and how the IT services provider was being compensated. Managed service provider companies are compensated to proactively maintain and support a business’s technology needs while charging a flat low monthly fee for the managed services in Houston. A break-fix computer repair tech would be paid by the hour and so would take his/her time to perform common IT services that a managed service provider could and would do in a fraction of the time.


Benefits of Managed Services Provider in Houston

There are many benefits to consuming managed services. The primary and most common benefits of managed IT services in Houston are as follows:

  1. Managed IT Services means you can Expect a Flat Predictable Cost for all your IT Support
  2. Reduce IT downtime with proactive Managed IT services
  3. Increase operational efficiency
  4. Improve staff productivity
  5. Provide faster and better sales, service, and support to your customer
  6. Free up your time and resources to focus on growing your business

The other advantage of a managed IT services provider is that they have the tools, technology, and people to deliver the very best in technology serves and because most managed service providers support a number of clients, They are able to hire the best and yet still offer their services for less than any business attempting to hire the same resources internally. And let not forget that internal IT staff cost a business more than just a salary. There are real-estate, computers, desks, and other support and administrative staff requirements. All in all the cost of building your own IT department is typically 30% of the combined salaries of all members of the IT department. This is far more costly than hiring any Houston Managed Services Provider.


Managed Services Provider Houston – Hiring Right

It’s been our experience that no matter what you do things can and will go wrong. Murphy tends to show his ugly head at almost the wrong time in each and every case. That being said, there are a few things you can do to weed out the gems from the stones. You could ask for existing and past client references. But seriously will any managed service provider ever present their worst client experience as a testimonial. You could ask for a Liability insurance certificate. This will surely weed out all the boys from men. But yet again, any insurance company will issue a policy and a certificate to match, which the managed IT services provider will cancel once you sign the dotted line.

The best way to hire a managed IT service provider is to do all the above and then prepare a set of questions in advance that you need answers to. If you’re not comfortable with the provided answers then it’s probably best to turn the other cheek and show the managed service provider the door. Ultimately there is no sure-fire way to guaranteeing an outstanding service provider, but you sure can reduce the risk with a little proactive thought and screening. iTenol consulting is a Houston based IT consulting firm with a focus on getting S.H.I.T done and getting S.H.I.T to work. Did we really just say that? Yeah, sure we did. Many of our clients tell us prior to engaging with us, that all they ever wanted is for S.H.I.T to work. And that there last IT company charge a S.H.I.T load of money and did not deliver S.H.I.T. You must be wondering are we really saying what we’re writing. The simple answer is yes.

If you want your Software, Hardware, Information, and Technology to simple work and want a Managed Services Provider in Houston to get S.H.I.T done. Then it’s probably time for you to call us at (877) 9ITENOL / (877) 948-3665. Call us for your complimentary managed services assessment and audit

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