Platinum Managed IT Services Plan – Unmetered & Unlimited Managed IT Support For Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Our Platinum Managed IT Services Plan Provides The Ultimate In Worry-Free “All You Can Eat” IT Services and Support For Businesses That Like Predictable Results

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Platinum Managed IT Services Features & Plan

Our Managed IT Services Commitment

Pain Free Managed IT Services from iTenol offers innovative and essential functions and products for each level of business.Working with or as your IT Department, iTenol focuses on putting you back in control and ensuring technology works for you rather than you working to keep up with technology.

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Initial Site Survey (27-Point Network Audit)

A senior engineer will come on-site to create initial network documentation, as well as audit your network for potential problem areas including:

  • Network security
  • Data back-ups
  • Virus protection
  • Spam filtering
  • Hardware integrity (check for pending failures)
  • System performance and trends
  • Overall network design and layout

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Network Monitoring

This 24/7 network monitoring service will allow us to watch every aspect of your network to detect and report problems before they escalate into downtime, data loss, or expensive repair issues. Some of the items we will monitor include:

  • Server traffic and load
  • Hardware integrity and reliability
  • Storage space and availability
  • Back-up success and failures
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Spyware detection and removal
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) monitoring

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Quarterly On-Site Consultation

Every three months we will come on-site to perform an extensive analysis of your network's trends, security, and performance, as well as to review your company's goals and technology issues with you. This quarterly review will allow us to make specific recommendations for improving your network performance, office productivity, and help you plan and budget for future IT needs.

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Monthly On-Site Network Audit and Tune Up

Every month a technician will come on-site and conduct a thorough audit and tune up of your network to:
  • Review and update available security patches
  • Check status of Anti-Virus Clients
  • Test peripherals, such as UPS(s)
  • Perform a full data restore to ensure back-ups are functioning properly
  • Review hard drive space, memory, CPU utilization
  • Review network documentation and make changes as necessary
  • Review routers, firewalls, and switches for failure or problems
  • Optimize server for maximum performance and reliability
  • Review and install operating system updates
  • Test backup and restore data
  • In-depth review of server logs for errors and potential problems
  • Add and remove users

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Spam Filtering - Unlimited Users

Thanks to a remote filtering service we offer through [Barracuda], we can stop 97% of all spam and filter 100% of viruses sent via e-mail without requiring you to purchase and maintain expensive in-house hardware or software.

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FREE Break-Fix Services

In the RARE event that your network goes down, or if you experience any type of problem, our team of senior technicians will troubleshoot and resolve the issue at NO ADDITIONAL SERVICE FEE to you. You can consider this like a network insurance plan.

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FREE Unlimited Helpdesk Support

You and your employees can call anytime during business hours and speak to a technician about problems they are experiencing.

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FREE Server Restore

In the case of fire, flood, or other disaster, we will restore your server to its original state. (Labor only. Software and hardware costs are additional.)

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Emergency Response to Technical Problems

  • 1hr Guaranteed

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Remote Support & Diagnosis:

  • Unlimited Remote Support - FREE
  • No Fees. All Inclusive of Plan

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Virus Definition and Security Patch Updates

  • Automatic virus definition updates
  • Automatic desktop patch and bug fix updates
  • Automatic server patch and bug fix updates

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Virus Prevention, Virus Removal and Cleaning

  • Unlimited virus removal and cleaning in the unlikely event of an virus infection.

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Creation of Acceptable Use Policy

  • We will develop and provide an Acceptable Use Policy document which will help police and protect your data and network environment

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Monthly Reporting

  • Monthly Executive Summary Report
  • Daily System Status E-mail Update

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Virtual System Administrator

  • Client Access to Virtual Systems Administrator

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Unlimited Software Upgrades

  • Unlimited Software Upgrades:-
    = Example - From Office 2010 to Office 2013
    = Quickbooks Upgrades
    = Peachtree Upgrade

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Spyware Monitoring and Removal

  • Unlimited Spyware Monitoring
  • Unlimited Spyware Removal

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Unlimited User Management

  • Unlimited Adding and Removal of Network User
  • Unlimited Setup of Network Resources for Each newly added User

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FREE Year-End Technology Review

Designed to help you plan how to use technology to increase productivity, cut costs, gain competitive advantages, and support your company's growth.

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FREE Loaner Server / Workstation

FREE Server and Workstation Loaner in the event of a workstation or server crash

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Vendor Liaison

  • Unlimited vendor liaison service.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Plus, you will be covered under our 100% No-Hassle Guarantee:We are so confident in our Pain Free IT Plan, that we are willing to back it up with a powerful guarantee that no other IT firm or consultant would dare to make:We guarantee that we will be able to detect, diagnose, and PREVENT any type of network problem from escalating into downtime. If by some odd chance your network goes down, if you get a virus, a hacker invasion, or any other problem that requires clean up and fixing, we will do all of the work necessary to restore your network back to full speed with no additional service fees to you.

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  • Plan is a Fixed Fee / Device / Month Pain Free IT Plan. Call Today to Learn more
  • Preferred Client Discount of 25% on standard support rates for:
    = Special projects
    = New additions
    = Network Upgrades
    = and out of plan services

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What Are Managed IT Services     Who Needs Managed IT Services     Benefits Of Managed Srervices    

What Are Managed IT Services    

Managed IT Services is the practice of outsourcing the day to day technology management of a businesses  IT systems to a third-party IT Services Provider . Managed IT Services is a way for businesses to pro-actively maintain their technology system with a predictable monthly service fee, without the need to have internal expertise or staff. Learn more about Managed IT Services

Who Needs Managed IT Services    

Managed IT Services are best suited for businesses with more than 10 users and at least one or more servers. In reality any business can take advantage of a fully managed IT service. With that said, businesses with 10 or fewer computers can also benefit, but that is something which needs to be assessed on a case by case basis. Smaller businesses with less than 10 users can benefit from the basic level most MSP's offer - Pro-active network and systems monitoring. Compare Managed IT Service Plans to learn which best fits your organization

Benefits Of Managed Srervices    

There are many benefits to utilizing "Managed IT Services", however the biggest and most obvious are: (1) predictable monthly support costs, which makes it easy to budget, (2) Pro-active IT Support reduces downtime, (3) Enable your business to focus on its core competency rather than managing datacenters, servers and server rooms.