Printer Management & Support For Small and Mid-Sized Businesses In Houston & Redmond

Smooth and fast performing printer are not a “thing” they do exist so long as they are well maintained and properly managed. The Faster the printer, the greater the productivity.

Have you ever wondered how much your organization is wasting on consumables, wasted paper and even data loss via printed material.

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What Is Printer Management

The lack of proactive printer management is probably costing you business in more ways than one. Managing printers can be a pain if they are not correctly setup, more importantly, are subject to abuse by your staff who may be printing personal or business documents for non-business related reasons. Securing what comes out of your printer and who has permission to print is just as important as securing your digital data.

Do you know what your printers are costing you? Most businesses have no idea the true cost of their print services. While companies look at every other possible IT operation in order to reduce costs and save time and money, one area is often overlooked – printer management.

What Our Printer Management Services Cover

Office network printers, desktop printers, fax machines, copiers, and scanners are often ignored when reviewing IT operations. Furthermore, many do not even understand what they are spending on a yearly basis for the hardware, toner and ink cartridges, paper, and management of these machines. So whether you’re a small ten user network with individual desktop printers or a large business with the need for network printer management. iTenol’s printer management services can help you optimize your printing environment, saving your business thousands of dollars and freeing up valuable service and support time.

iTenol’s printer management and support services will oversee all printers, faxes, copiers and MFC’s. Printer management has become a component of overall systems management

Tasks can include consumable usage auditing, reporting and authorizing who can and cannot print to a specific printer.

The primary purpose of printer management is to maintain the productivity of your business employees and users. By reducing downtime, managing configuration changes and installing new hardware and software, we can help create a productive work environment for your employees.

Research has shown that for every $1 a company spends on toner and ink, it will spend another $9 on managing and supporting that device. iTenol’s printer management solution will not only save you hardware and supply costs but will save you valuable support costs. Stop throwing money out the window with your print management needs. So before you start worrying about network printer set, buying network printers or hiring a network printer support company. Contact us today to see how we can save you thousands of dollars on your printer management needs.

Benefits of Printer Management & Support


There are countless printing management tools out there, however, the most important factor is the assessment of your businesses current structure. This will allow us to determine exactly what equipment you have, is being used, and how much it is costing your business annually.

This is often an eye opener for many businesses, as most do not realize that they can be spending, on average, 3% of the annual expenses on printing. The assessment will allow you to make informed decisions as to eliminating unnecessary equipment, replacing outdated equipment, or implementing shared stations


Once we have assessed your equipment and printing needs, we will make recommendations on moving forward with a managed printer services agreement. We will provide you with a clear road map on how you can best utilize the devices you have or what to expect if new ones will be added, and what supplies will be needed to meet your productivity needs. This will give you a predictable budget to work with, allowing potential printing problems to be proactively addressed and limiting the need for large supplies of toner.


Most businesses have too many print devices. We work with your operational structure to determine the right amount of hardware and the proper hardware for your business situation, such as removing ten desktop printers, and replacing with one shared workstation, which will handle all the printing, faxing and scanning needs of the company.

Small Business Printer Support Printer Support Houston Printer Technology Support

Small Business Printer Support

There are many facets of IT and as such many small IT Companies Offering routine desktop support, network support and server support and management to their clients. However, there are also specialized IT service providers in Houston which offer services such as Cisco security consulting, VMware virtualization as well as support for highly specialized technology niches.

Printer Support Houston

An organization or entity in the business of providing other businesses with information technology services and solutions. Most IT companies in Houston offer their services by the hour or on a retainer basis.

Printer Technology Support

IT Services for Small Business is just as important and critical as it is for large enterprises. However many small businesses don't see the real value in making a reasonable investment in technology, which is why shortcuts usually have devastating results for many small businesses who adopt the attitude that technology is an unnecessary expense until it's too late. Don't be a backward thinking business leader else you could regret your poor decision to not invest in the right technology for your business. With the help of iTenol, your business can also benefit from IT Services For Small Business.

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