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IT Outsourcing Should Not Mean Out Of Sight Out Of Mind

Out of sight out of mind is quite typical for many businesses who are looking to outsource their IT. Make no mistake, not all IT outsourcing companies have the same vision and foresight as we do at iTenol.

Many CFO’s and CIO’s go through a process to determine their IT strategy and finding an IT outsourcing company to perform the work required to execute their corporate IT strategy, and often time these new relationships are formed and start out very good, which results in the CFO and CIO playing lesser of a part of the overall IT strategy and Outsourcing IT Functions.

While there are many benefits of IT Outsourcing, this is a huge mistake on many levels, but before you know it, the new IT business partner is running the show, making the hiring and firing decisions, vendors, products, and 3rd party service decisions. Even worse still, your original strategy is now more in alignment with their goal and not your business goals.

Your IT Outsourcing Strategy Should Match The IT Service Providers Vision

At iTenol we focus on making sure that our clients’ goal is our goal. We achieve this in a number of ways, but the key ingredient in our ability to successfully execute our client’s IT strategy is open communication and alignment of our vision with the client’s IT strategy. After all, if your IT provider can’t see what the client wants or desires, then he’ll simply and naturally do what’s best for him and take the easy road out.

For this reason, ALL CIOs and CFOs need to play an active role in the IT outsourcing relationship. As a CFO or CIO, your IT outsourcing or IT strategy should always be in sight and always on your mind, as its the one thing that affects your business on a daily basis.

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