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Inmarsat iSavi IsatHub Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot for Global Voice, Data and SMS

Isavi IsatHub Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot

A client recently asked us to look into a solution for global communications and access devices with voice data and SMS capabilities. They indicated that they knew of a couple of devices with such capabilities, but we’re not sure which one to purchase for an overseas trip.

The client namely mentioned the Iridium Go and the Inmarsat iSavi IsatHub Satellite Wi-Fi Hotspot So we looked into the options. As the trusted Managed Services provider to our client, when we say looked into the options. We don’t mean we just looked at a couple of websites, and a few Amazon reviews.

We mean, we truly looked into the technical specs of the devices as we were the ones making the final recommendation for our valued client. We also decide to put this short blog review of the Isavi Isathub, the Iridium Go, and the Thuraya IP+  together to help others make a smart choice and decision when selecting a global voice, data, and SMS access device.

While all three devices at first glance seem very alike in terms of what they offer, there are a number of differences other than price. Which may impact your decision on which device to purchase. As a footnote, the Thuraya IP+ device is probably the best of the three, but due to its cost, we chose a different path. The comparison table below identifies the main differences between the three best and most popular devices on the market.


iSavi IsatHub Review

In conclusion, we purchased the iSavi IsatHub for our client, who was heading to the jungles of Africa. On the client’s return, we questioned the client on the performance of the iSavi. And were delighted at the client’s response. Needless to say, it was a good purchase and the iSavi definitely lived up to its advertised performance.

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