Free Dark Web Scan For Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Is Your Sensitive Information and Client Data On The Dark Web?

Protecting Your Data And That Of Your Clients’ Is No Joke, Antivirus, Malware Protection And Such Tools Offer Little In The Way Of Protection For Someone Trying To Steal Your Confidential Data.

Many Businesses Are Victims Of Data Theft and Not Even Know It. Worse Still What If Your Client Information Is Up For Sale To The Highest Bidder on The Dark Web.

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Why Conduct A Free Dark Web Security Scan

We are offering a limited number of Dark Web Scans to small and mid-sized businesses who want learn if their sensitive data is up for grabs on the dark web, and what information may have been compromised. This not only alerts you of the theft, but helps you in taking the necessary steps tp alert all parties who many have been exposed to a data leak.

Not knowing is dangerous, but knowing and not taking the necessary steps to safeguard your business and that of your clients could land you in legal mess, potentially resulting in law suits and bankruptcy.

What can you expect during our Free Dark Web Scan

  • Initial Scan Of The Dark Web – Will reveal any sensitive information such as usernames and password to bank accounts, social media accounts, emails accounts, and web hosting accounts to mention a few things
  • Analyze Dark Web Scan Results – Upon completion of a dark web scan, a detail review of the findings will reveal many attributes, such as being able to identify person(s) who have had their credentials stolen and published, as well as being able assess risk of the compromised hack
  • Determine Risk – Once all the analysis is complete, we review and determine risk to identities, data, systems, server, services, bank accounts, medical records, and credit cards to mention just a few of the the thing which may be compromised and for sale
  • Notification – Once the risks from the dark web scan have been identified, you will need to communicate with all necessary individual’s and parties to notify them of the hack and help prevent the abuse of the data exposed to the dark web
  • Detailed Recommendations & Remediation’s – You will receive a detailed recommendation designed for your business and its specific data exposure, along with high level remediation steps to prevent further damage and safeguard against future hacks and data leaks.

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