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Don’t Buy a Cisco until You’ve Seen the Power of a Free Virtual Firewall That iTenol Consulting Can Provide You within Houston

Don’t Buy a Cisco until You’ve Seen the Power of a Free Virtual Firewall That iTenol Consulting Can Provide You in Houston

Protecting your computer has become mandatory nowadays. Due to the importance of private data that is stored mainly in the virtual environment, the security means that have to protect our devices, like the free virtual firewall, for instance, have become the subject of intense debates.

Everybody is interested in finding the best security options in order to prevent unauthorized access to their company’s network.

This post aims to help you make the hard decision by focusing on the power of a free virtual firewall. You should definitely take this into consideration if you already use a virtual server, especially if you were planning on buying a Cisco firewall router.

What is a Free Virtual Firewall?

Many of us use a virtual firewall without even knowing what it is. Let’s clear this out. Any firewall is basically a tool that helps you protect your server from malicious actions. As the name suggests, a firewall is the safety wall that protects your computer from any outside dangers.

This is its main goal: Making sure that no hacking or cracking is possible on your virtual server. It is the guardian of your virtual data because it prevents any unauthorized access to your computer.

A free virtual firewall can perform the same function as a physical firewall. The only difference is that virtual firewalls only work in a virtual environment.

Why use this option?

The main point in using a firewall of any type is making sure that you are protected against security risks.

If you’ve just opted for a virtual server, this doesn’t automatically keep you away from dangers. You are still subject to the same potential malicious attacks. Therefore, you definitely require the help of a virtual firewall.

While there are some paid alternatives on the market, like Cisco software, they come with additional baggage. To use a Cisco firewall, you need a degree to configure and manage it. So why not take your chances with a free virtual firewall which iTenol can help you choose the right away?

We will keep you well advised and help you consider the characteristics of a virtual firewall before actually opting for one. It is the ideal counterpart to your physical components, making the virtual firewall a perfect choice for small businesses.

It can save you the trouble of paying for constant maintenance from an expensive expert. Also, don’t forget that the installation prices can get pretty high, depending on the consultant you choose. For example, Cisco firewall hardware needs upgrades from time to time and this can cost quite a lot.

On the other hand, with a free virtual firewall, the upgrades cost less and are implemented faster.

How do you use a free virtual firewall?

A firewall basically works like a filter that keeps away any threat by scrutinizing all the information that circulates on the Internet and is directed to your virtual server. For most business owners, choosing a virtual server was a crucial decision that helped them save money and make things run more smoothly and efficiently.

This automatically triggered the need for a virtual firewall as well because even if going in the virtual environment brings plenty of advantages, the same degree of vigilance is mandatory and a good free firewall offers the necessary protection.

I know that in the end, all that matters to you is making sure that your network and the information you store on your server is secured.

Nevertheless, if you’ve already saved money by choosing a virtual server, you also require a virtual firewall. So why not choose a free one instead of paying for a Cisco?

iTenol Consulting can offer you free advice. Contact us today in Houston and we will immediately provide you with all the necessary information you need in order to implement this mandatory safety measure.

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