Virtual DIDs
For Small & Mid-Sized Business

We provide low-cost virtual direct inward dialing (DID) which can be used for a variety of reasons such as direct dialing to key employees phones, or tracking marketing efforts and campaigns.

Our virtual DID allow your customers to reach key departments faster without the hassle of an IVR, as well as helping you make good marketing spend decisions.

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What Is A Virtual DIDs

VoIP trunking typically referred to as SIP (session initiation protocol) trunking. This type of system is used to connect a PBX system to the internet.

In essence, it means that a business can use the Internet to replace the traditional telephone trunk and allow the company to communicate with both mobile and fixed telephone subscribers.

DID numbers allow for calls to be routed directly to the intended recipient without the need for adding additional separate phone lines per DID. Not only is it easier to manage via our Cloud Hosted PBX, but also offer a lower cost per employee over traditional fixed lines.

Example Use Of Virtual DID Numbers

If your organization has 30 employees and each one requires a direct dial number that rings their direct extension then instead of subscribing to 30 lines, we would allocate 30 virtual DID number which would be available across 10 or more VOIP trunks, allowing ten simultaneous conversations at any given time. Any more than 10 calls will result in either a busy signal or be directed to voicemail.

Virtual DID numbers can be utilized for both voice communications as well as FAX transmissions.

Learn More About Our Virtual DID Services

Whether your business operates from one or more locations and has 10 or 100+ employees. Our virtual DID services can help your business communicate more effectively, track your marketing results and lower labor cost to mention a few things.

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Benefits of Virtual DIDs

Nothing New To Learn, Pickup Dial and Talk

ZERO learning curve to make and receive calls (including long-distance calls), use mobile and fixed telephones, use email and texting features, and more.

Cost Effective Over T1 and POTS Lines

VoIP is more cost effective than a T1 or POTS lines. You can eliminate the need for purchase basic rate interfaces, primary rate interfaces, and the hardware investment is minimal.

Easily Scales With Business Demands

Whether you are a small business or a growing business, iTenol will be able to help you scale your SIP trunk when the need arises. Because scalability is so easy with a VoIP trunk, businesses of every size can benefit.

Least Cost Routing

With a SIP trunk, you can automatically route calls to other addresses via the internet. Telephone mapping will allow the call to be completed over the web, and since no calls will be routed via the PSTN, it will provide additional cost savings to your business.

High Availability

VoIP trunks offer a great disaster recovery and business continuity option. You will be able to divert calls to alternate locations in the event of an emergency. We can handle setting up your rerouting and provide you diversity across your entire service.
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