Multi Site Hosted Phone System For Small and Mid-Sized Businesses In Houston & West Palm Beach

Stop wasting money online charges and fees with multiple phone service providers for each of your business locations.

Our multi-site hosted phone systems offer the benefits of one provider, pooled and shared lines and advanced phone system features for all your business locations.

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What Is Multi Site Hosted Phone System

Multi-Site Hosted Phone System is a service offering in which any business which operates from multiple locations can eliminate all local telecom services and consolidate with a multi-site hosted phone system from iTenol. By doing do so one can eliminate unnecessary lines and the associated costs as well as eliminating expensive hardware and software upgrades.

Many small to mid-sized business, are likely to have a phone system tucked away in a broom closet or server room. These systems cost thousands of dollars and have to be purchased or leased, both of which are costly propositions for any business.

If your business operates from multiple locations, this type of setup gets very expensive by a multiple of locations. However, there is an alternative cost-effective option available, A multi-location hosted phone system also knows as, a hosted phone system, or hosted PBX.

This technology allows businesses to have a robust and sophisticated telecom system without the significant investment typically needed at each and every location. In fact, the system is operated and maintained by us, as your service provider.

Is A Multi-Site Hosted Phone System Right For Your Business?

Our multi-site hosted VoIP phone system solution for your business provides your business with the opportunity to allow your employees to work anywhere, have calls forwarded to cell phones, transfer calls between multiple locations, and more.

Our multi-site hosted phone system can work with your existing service or can completely replace it. It is versatile and can be used with mobile phones, landlines. If you’re looking for ease of management, lower cost of operation over a traditional PBX at each location then our multi-site hosted phone system is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Benefits of Multi Site Hosted Phone System

Remote Office 3 to 5 Digit Dialing

Remote offices and employees are only 3 to 5 digits away from a conversation. No need to dial 10 or 11 digit numbers. Saves both time and money

Share Hunt & Call Groups

Sharing hunt and call groups enable any employee to answer calls for any department irrespective of location.

Share Common Directory

A shared directory helps facilitate communication between offices with a quick directory search, you can locate anyone in the company.

Inter-Office Voicemails

Quickly and easily drop voicemails to employees across your organization or broadcast company-wide messages and announcements to every employee or select departments.

High Availability For Customers

If one locations Internet goes offline or suffers a natural disaster or power outages etc, any of your other remote locations continue the flow of business without your customer ever knowing that the location they are trying to reach is offline.

Shared Auto Attendant

Shared auto attendant and conditional call routing enable customers to reach specific departments and individuals faster for a much better customer experience while saving your business both time and money.
Multi-site Phone System Multi-Site VoIP PBX High Availbility Phone System Distributed Phone Services

Multi-site Phone System

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Multi-Site VoIP PBX

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High Availbility Phone System

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Distributed Phone Services

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