Business Fax Service For Small and Mid-Sized Businesses In Houston & West Palm Beach

Save money with iTenols iFax Business Fax Service when compared to other online fax services such as eFax, myfax or metro fax.

Our online fax service is integrated into your existing phone number and does not require a change of providers. Control cost and direct faxes to the correct person 1st time.

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What Is A Business Fax Service

A cloud-hosted faxing solution offering automated fax distribution, send and receiving and archiving. Unlike traditional clunky fax machines, our hosted iFax solution requires no hardware, software, phone lines or any other form of equipment.

There are many choices for online fax services and some providers even offer limited free online fax services, while other like eFax and myFax have a subscription-based model with a per page charge of you over-utilize subscription.

Are iTenols Business Fax Services Right For Your Business?

If you’re a business with multiple locations or large enough to have several fax machines per department, then iTenols iFax Services can not only save you money, but our services can provide an extra layer of security to make sure only authorized data leaves your business via the fax machine.

Our online faxing service offers many benefits and advantages above and beyond low cost. Complete the short form on this page to start your 30day free online fax service trial.

Benefits of Business Fax Service

Centralized Fax Solution For Remote Users

Send and receive all faxes from any device and centralize the storage of all faxes for compliance and security best practices.

Audit and Compliance Monitoring

Ability to scrutinize all faxes as they enter or leave your business to ensure that all data meet strict regulatory compliance requirements.

Low Cost - ZERO Overage Fees

Proven to be more cost-effective over other providers with no overage charges and no high monthly service fees. Pay for what you use at a lower cost per page than eFax, myfax and other providers.

Save Paper & The Environment

All incoming faxes arrive by email and all outbound faxes are sent from desktop applications, which means you only print what you absolutely must. Which saves ink, paper and printer wear and tear.
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VoIP Fax Service

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