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Since the release of Amazons Relations Database Service (RDS) in 2009, the DBaaS Cloud Service has become one of the fastest growing cloud services in the market, and its no wonder why. We can help your business migrate your on-premise Database to the cloud. Learn more about how we’ve helped others significantly improve their day to day operations with a DBaaS.
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What Is Database As A Service

A Database As A Service (DBaaS) is a cloud service that empowers users to migrate their on-premise data center to the cloud. Unlike an on-premise data center, a DBaaS is readily scalable, highly available, and easily upgradable, meaning you can worry less about changes to or issues with your database and focus more on running your business.

Why Do I Need A Database As A Service?

A DBaaS can provide many benefits to business, regardless of size. Setting up a DBaaS involves provisioning a Virtual Machine, installing the Database software, and configuring the settings accordingly. Once setup, the DBaaS manages everything else. This could include automatic backups, patches to software, upgrades, monitoring, and much more. Additionally, and one of the most important reasons is scale. The ability to add or remove storage to suit business’ is one of the leading reasons why a DBaaS is favored.

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Stop wasting your money on costly, slow and poor performing DBaaS Managed Services from local DBaaS Providers who fail to deliver as promised.

Benefits of An Database As A Service

Some benefits of Database As A Service include (but are not limited to):

  • Agility – A DBaaS can streamline the process of scaling your database resources within minutes as opposed to days. The process of requesting a support ticket with the IT team is a thing of the past!
  • Reliability – Modern DBaaS’s make itt easy to keep data highly available and fault tolerant, even at full power. With features such as Replicas, Scaling Policies and Automatic Backups, you can rest easy knowing that your data will always have a fail-save in place
  • Security – While most Databases provide At Rest and In Transit Encryptions, a DBaaS can provide consisttent managment of security for all forms of databases and data that you might use. Additionally, network security can reinforce data protection

Is DBaaS Right For Your Business?

If you is looking for a cheaper, yet durable alternative to a traditional database system, utilizing a DBaaS might be right for you. With many growing benefits, its no wonder comapnies around they world are turn to the cloud for the datbase needs.

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Stop wasting your money on costly, sluggish and unacceptable performing DBaaS Managed Services from local DBaaS Providers who fail to deliver as promised.

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We know your business may have numerous choices when it comes to Database As A Service Providers, which is why we believe we can offer the best Database As A Service. Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on purchasing hardware and other resources, for which you will need to hire a staff of IT professionals to manage for you? Consider using iTenol’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution, and get all the security and services you deserve to run a successful business at a fraction of the cost. Before you commit to a Hosted Desktop Solution, call us today to learn more about our Database As A Service Pricing and for your complimentary consultation on how we can save you money with our Database As A Service offering.

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Stop wasting your money on expensive, slow and unacceptable performing DBaaS Managed Services from local DBaaS Providers who fail to deliver as promised.

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