Application Portfolio Optimization For Small and Mid-Sized Businesses in

Saving money is a goal every business tries to enact. If you dont have a way to manage your budgets for your applicaitons, you could be missing out!
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What Is Application Portfolio Optimization

Application Portfolio Optimization is the practice of utilizing financial reports to restrucutre application costs such an maintainence and operations to save money and construct a longer lasting and more optimized business.

Why Do I Need A Application Portfolio Optimization?

Things change! Optimizing your Applicaitons Portfolio is necessary to ensure you dont fall behind. Its important to keep your ROI high and TCO low, however, without correct optimizations, you would never know where you can save, and by how much!

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Benefits of A Application Portfolio Optimization

Some benefits of Application Portfolio Optimization include (but are not limited to):

  • Cost – Application Portfolio Optimization is meant to reduce costs. Utilizing this service will help you create an efficient long-term plan for the future

Is Application Portfolio Optimization Right For Your Business?

If you are looking to save money, iTenol’s Application Portfolio Optimization Services are perfect for you!

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Get Your Complimentary Application Portfolio Optimization Pricing And Assessment For Your Business?

Investing in Application Portfolio Optimization is the right thing to do if you want to save your business money and improve your business structure. Contact us today to learn how your business can take advantage of our Application Portfolio Optimization.

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Infrastructure As A Service

There are many facets of IT and as such many small IT Companies Offering routine desktop support, network support and server support and management to their clients. However, there are also specialized IT service providers in Houston which offer services such as Cisco security consulting, VMware virtualization as well as support for highly specialized technology niches.

Software As A Service

An organization or entity in the business of providing other businesses with information technology services and solutions. Most IT companies in Houston offer their services by the hour or on a retainer basis.

Cloud Hosted Applications

A cloud hosted application, or cloud app, is a software as a service delivered via the cloud-based providers network infrastructure. This model relies on third-party cloud service providers, who grant remote access to application overt the internet.

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Cloud Hosted Phone System

A cloud hosted phone system is PBX phone service delivered to a subscriber over the internet using Voice over IP (VoIP). Cloud hosted phone system also offers features typically not available in traditional on-premise PBX phone systems.

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Cloud Computing Services are services delivered by a cloud computing provider to a subscriber on a subscription basis. As a subscriber you are leveraging the physical IT infrastructure of the cloud services provider as opposed to building out your own, this is not only cost effective, but allow a business to scale up or down based on demand. Cloud computing services range from full virtual desktops, hosted desktop applications and development platforms, to servers, storage, and even an entire network as a service often referred to as network as a service or infrastructure as a service.

Cloud Services

Cloud services are any computing resource or service made available to users on demand over the Internet from a cloud computing provider's servers as opposed to being provided from a company's own on-premises servers.