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Cloud Application Migration Process Checklist
Cloud Migration Assessment Process / Cloud Migration Checklist

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Moving to cloud in any fashion should only be done if there is a business benefit and an ROI to match. Else simply lifting and shifting your applications to a private cloud will yield no real benefit, Moving to a public cloud has some defined benefits. Choosing between the two requires knowledge and skills as well as experience to successfully migrate applications to the cloud.

Which is why when you’re searching for the “Cloud Hosted Applications” you want to make sure your search also includes an experienced “Cloud Application Migration Partner in Houston” is going to be critical to the success of your application migration initiatives.

Full-Service Cloud Migration Checklist in Cloud Migration Checklist To Help Your The Woodlands

We pride ourselves on delivering Cloud Migration Checklist To Help Your Stafford Cloud Migration Checklist which is the core and foundation all businesses need to run and grow their business.

Understanding the Value of Cloud Technology

Cloud Computing offers Cloud Migration Checklist To Help Your Galleria businesses a place to scale on demand to meet seasonal demands and save money during off season periods. Cloud Computing also enables a company to remain agile and nimble while being able to reach and better serve its existing and new customers without the worry and headache associated with hardware and software expenditure.

iTenol has the Tools, Technology, and People to help you leverage Cloud Technologies instead of building your own IT infrastructure for complex technology scenarios, team collaboration, and other critical business systems.

Having performed countless cloud migration projects over the past decade. Over the years we’ve learned a thing or two about moving businesses to the cloud. Which is why we’re the right choice, with the necessary skills and experience to migrate your application workloads, and IT systems to the cloud. With iTenols help and guidance, we can help you make the hard and confusing decision on which cloud is best suited for your business needs.

iTenol’s Cloud Migration Checklist provides a critical list of many of the steps necessary for a successful migration to the cloud or moving between cloud providers. iTenol also provides a comprehensive cloud migration assessment services to identify if applications are cloud-ready, servers are suitable for a lift and shift or if there is a need to replatform or refactor to meet the minimum requirements to migrate to the public cloud of choice.

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Cloud Migration Strategy – What, Where, Why, When and How?

Your Information Technology Architecture primarily consists of Servers, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Applications, and Databases. Chances are that most of these have been piece-mealed together over time with virtually little to no planning, undoubtedly minimal if any configuration documentation. Coupled with a revolving door of IT staff who have managed it over the years. Can you imagine easily and painlessly moving your entire business and related technology to the cloud under these circumstances?

The above scenario is very typical of most companies irrespective of size, industry or geography. To add to this most companies do not have the skills or resources to undertake such a mammoth task, let alone the knowledge and expertise to execute successfully. For these and other reasons, a Cloud Migration Checklist is an essential part of any cloud migration.

Migrating to the Cloud is not just about moving your applications and virtual machines from an on-premise or other data center to a public or private cloud provider. It’s a little more complicated than that. One needs to take into consideration what applications, servers, and resources they wish to migrate to the cloud, which cloud will be best suited to the companies requirements. One should also be considering the question of why are we looking to move to the cloud, what benefit and advantage will the cloud offer over what is the current mode of operation.

Then we have the When and How to move your business applications to the cloud, which brings about other questions around the sensitivity of data and mission criticality and availability of Cloud in a down scenario. Migrating applications to the Cloud is no small task and should be approached systematically taking networking, storage, performance security, privacy, and compliance into consideration. This also why it’s important to partner with a Cloud Consulting Company in Cloud Migration Checklist To Help Your Houston to help you navigate the rough waters of your migration to the cloud.

Technology Roadmap – What will your target Cloud architecture?

Without a carefully carved Technology Roadmap, you’ll only be spinning your wheels before, during and most definitely after your migration to the cloud and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A Technology Roadmap is another essential component in the migration to the Cloud. It helps one understand the current state architecture and the target state architecture before execution. This Technology Roadmap directs the conversation and the execution to the desired result. Without this direction, you’ll likely be creating more business disruption and cause a potentially extended period of downtime, resulting in an over-budget and more costly migration to the Cloud.

The Cloud Migration Checklist

Every journey requires some necessary essential information before starting the journey. One needs to know where technology and infrastructure stand today (Now), where they would like to go (Destination / Target), What to take along for the ride. And for good measure add a sprinkle of some contingencies in case the journey does not go smooth.

Migrating to the Cloud is no different. The first and foremost thought should be your application and hardware inventory to include such things as:

  1. Who are the end users and what groups if any do they belong to?
  2. Which applications are used by which user or groups of users
  3. What are the current pre-requisite requirements for each application to function
  4. Are the applications in the current state functioning as expected or is there a history of trouble tickets
  5. What are the conditions for the applications to perform at their optimum
  6. Does the application access any local or remote data
  7. Does the application share any common services with other applications
  8. How is the data currently protected and accessed
  9. How is the application deployed in the current environment
  10. Does the application need to be published to users outside of the organization
  11. Are mobile devices part fo the landscape and if so, how are they used and how do they access data
  12. Which devices are being used by desktops, laptops, mobile devices, IoT, and industrial equipment
  13. What components and applications of the current state environment are you looking to migrate to the cloud
  14. What storage requirements does the application have
  15. Are the current application’s chosen for a cloud migration suitable for the target Cloud Service Provider
  16. Will the application be mapped to any other cloud resources
  17. Has application and DB needs been matched to different service providers to identify any cost savings?

Cloud Migration Services and Managed Cloud Hosting and Storage Solutions

iTenol’s Managed Cloud Hosting and data storage provide the agility and efficiency you expect from a trusted 20-year veteran in the IT space. Also included with our Managed Cloud Hosting solutions are the Microsoft Azure and AWS platforms.

  •     Microsoft Azure Hosting
  •     Managed Cloud Hosting
  •     Managed Cloud Connected Storage

Does Your Organization Have All The Required Skills to Migrate your business to the Cloud?

Most organizations are staffed to handle most day to day IT support and Network Services issues and have little in the way of bandwidth to take on a large scale application migration to the cloud.

A more cost-effective approach is engaging the services of a Cloud Migration Consulting Company with the necessary experience to deliver a successful outcome, like iTenol Consulting.

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Benefits of Cloud Migration Checklist

Support Future Upgrades

Because there is no investment in hardware, this system is very cost effective for businesses. Maintenance is virtually non-existent and typically the monthly costs are lower than traditional services.

Make Calls From Anywhere

A hosted phone system is based on virtual technology, which allows you to use the system anywhere, anytime. This allows your users to work from home, giving you flexibility in your business phone needs.

Virtual Numbers

You will be able to choose a variety of phone number options, including porting your existing numbers, choosing toll-free numbers, or choosing numbers from a different area code, as well as local numbers.


Hosted phone system present your business as credible to your customers. Because the service is professional, it can actually make your business seem bigger than it actually is.


The hosted PBX system is scale-able to your business needs. When you grow, so does your system.

Speed Of Implementation

Most importantly, the system is easy to use and setup. iTenol is experienced in the setup and use of hosted phone systems and can have you up and running very quickly.

On Time and On Budget

All our cabling services are well planned and budgeted so there are no delays or pricing changes

Monthly Status Reports

We offer periodic testing of your entire cabling infrastructure to ensure the highest voice, data and AV transmission rates

No Markups on HW & SW

No markup on hardware and software of 3rd party professional services, you pay what we pay

Responsive Support

Most reported issues are resolved within 24 to 48 hours of being reported