Employee Monitoring For Small and Mid-Sized Businesses In Houston & West Palm Beach

The biggest threat to your business network is not the Russians, Chinese or the Nigerians. In fact, employee actions and lack of training is the number one reason for network downtime, data loss, malware, viruses, and ransom-ware.

Our employee monitoring services can help your business protect against data loss, viruses, spy-ware, and legal problems.

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Instead of data security as your only defense against data and intellectual property theft, we offer an extremely powerful deterrent to prevent data leaks and theft at their source.

Analyze the digital behaviors of top performers to identify best practices for replication across your organization. Ensure new tools and processes are being adopted. Use cutting-edge video analysis to improve training programs.

Your IT Staff hold absolute authority over your critical systems and data. If your IT staff are watching your network and data, then who’s watching the watchers? Take control with Employee Surveillance Software.

Employee fraud costs on average 5% of companies annual revenue. Not to mention the damage it can cause to its reputation and growth.Traditional methods of employee monitoring and fraud detection can take upwards of 18 months. With iTenol-361 employee monitoring service, you can prevent employee fraud from ever starting.

Technology is typically viewed as a business enabler, however, technology can also cripple and disable employee productivity. iTenol-361 offers businesses and organizations the ability to detect, document and eliminate distractions, inefficiencies or deficient training that is negatively impacting productivity.

Labor laws were designed to protect the employee from abusive employers. We level the playing field to help justify HR’s decision to terminate an employee who is non-compliant with corporate policy and counter-productive. With iTenol-361 employee monitoring service, you can safely say goodbye to wrong-full termination claims and avoid the headache of a labor audit and penalties.

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