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Benefits of Employee Monitoring Software

If you’re a business owner or company executive, do you know what your employees and subcontractors are doing this very minute on your network?

Have you ever wondered how productive is each individual in your organization? Would you be able to sleep well knowing that most hacks and security breaches are a direct result of an employees actions or inaction? Don’t take this lightly, it could cost you your business.

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Employee Monitoring Software

Do you know what your employees are doing at any given time during work hours? At best they are between 60% to 80% productive and performing their duties as best as they can. And at worst they are goofing off watching YouTube videos, tweeting, and on Facebook or some other social distracting platform. Notice that we are not referring to it as a networking platform as most employees do not use social networking sites for business, but rather to stay in touch with friends and family members.

The Importance of an Employee Monitoring Service

While most small and mid-sized businesses go over budget trying to deploy enterprise-level network security and perform pro-active monitoring and engage the services of an expensive team of IT professionals. Note that this level of security if often over-kill and expensive and still requires a human to review, monitor, and react to incidents.

Right about now, you’re probably grunting, snarling, and moaning at the fact that employee monitoring is an invasion of privacy. But let’s not forget that you’ve been hired and paid to perform a set of tasks on a daily basis. Commonly referred to as having a JOB. And that there is no more privacy in the workplace for many and obvious reasons. The benefits of employee monitoring far out-weigh the occasional grunt from employees and employers must observe and adhere to employee monitoring laws and guidelines to avoid a lawsuit. Gone are the days when PC monitoring was an optional, draconian security measure practiced only by especially vigilant organizations.

More and more companies are now turning to employee computer monitoring software or employee monitoring services in the cloud as a form of prevention rather than the reactionary security measures offered by firewalls and web filters. A firewall and a web filter still do not stop a persistent employee from accessing information or web-content that may otherwise be banned or against company policies. However, an employee who is being provocatively, and automatically being monitored are less likely to try and circumvent corporate policy as it relates to the Internet, network, and data usage.

Everything and anything an employee does with company property and on company time is subject to scrutiny. Over 25% of American businesses are conducting some level of employee monitoring. Time spent on frivolous and unauthorized Web sites can seriously hamper employee productivity. Visiting objectionable and offensive sites on company devices (computer, laptops, PDA, tables, etc..) can expose your business to interest-based attacked and infections from viruses, malware, spyware and can also expose a business to serious legal risks, including costly harassment suits from other employees who may not see the funny side of being exposed to offensive content.

iTenols Employee Monitoring Software As A Service

There are many employee monitoring software programs on the market. Most only offer the basic level of employee Internet usage monitoring. Some are cheap and do very little and others are overpriced and offer rich functionality but come at a hefty price which includes a substantial investment in hardware and licensing. Not to mention that you’ll require an IT consultant to install, configure, and manage your employee monitoring software and servers which may host such software.

iTenols insider threat monitoring service replaces bulky and hard to use employee monitoring software. iTenol offer a robust and feature-rich employee and insider threat / employee monitoring service for a flat monthly fee per user. In addition to not needing hardware and software for an in-house solution, all feature enhancements, bug fixes, and upgrades are free for the life of the service.

Try Before You Buy

We’re so convinced that you’ll be impressed with the level of details we track and monitor, that we’re willing to offer you the service for a 7 day trial at no cost. If after 7 days you like the service, then signup for a 12, 24 or 36-month term. The longer you signup, the longer your employees will remain and rise to new levels of productivity.

Try our employee monitoring ROI calculator and discover how much you’re truly loosing as a result of your employees goofing off during business hours. The losses go far beyond payroll cost, for every hour a day an employee wastes on non-business and non-productive activities, it’s costing your business a minimum of $5,800 per year per employee. We dare you to try our employee monitoring ROI calculator.

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