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Cloud Migration Checklist

All destinations start with knowing where you stand prior to the journey. Having a comprehensive Cloud Migration Checklist is key to any cloud migration journey.

Cloud Migration Assessment Service

A premature migration to the cloud can spell disaster for any business, which is why a comprehensive application and infrastructure assessment is necessary, to help identify and develop a cloud migration strategy and roadmap

Cloud Migration Service

Migrating your business to the cloud is no walk in the park as each business has complex applications, processes and needs. iTenol can help ease the pain of migrating your business to the cloud.

Full-Service Cloud Migration Consulting Services in Houston

We pride ourselves on delivering Houston Cloud Migration Consulting Services which is the core and foundation all businesses need to run and grow their business.

Cloud Migration Consulting Services Cloud Migration Strategy Cloud Migration Assessment 

Cloud Migration Consulting Services

A Cloud Migration Consulting Services - Is a service offering from a Cloud Consulting Company with SME and Consultants capable of reviewing, discovering, assessing, planning, executing, migrating and supporting a business from start to finish for all technology migrations and application stacks

There many companies who are capable of cobbling together a cloud offering from scratch by reselling OTS cloud services from AWS, Azure or GCP, but very few have the necessary skills, expertise and experience to be able to migrate existing technology environment and remediation any issues which may arise along the way.

Cloud Migration Strategy

Cloud Migration Strategy is critical to the success of a Cloud Migration project. Failing to develop a strategy and execution plan would simply result in disruption to the business, downtime, potential data loss and may other issues. If you're not planning to hire a Cloud Migration Consulting Company to provide a strategy, execution plan and the resources to deliver then you should re-think your move to the cloud

Cloud Migration Assessment 

A Cloud Migration Assessment - Is a review of a businesses current technology environment and application assessment. Any business looking to migrate to the cloud needs to start with at least a Tier 1 Application Assessment to determine if applications and other technology components are suitable for migrating to the cloud and if so, which cloud is best suits the business needs

Migrating to the Cloud without a Cloud Migration Assessment which comprises of a Tier 1 and Tier 2 Application Assessment is like committing business suicide

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All our cabling services are well planned and budgeted so there are no delays or pricing changes

Monthly Status Reports

We offer periodic testing of your entire cabling infrastructure to ensure the highest voice, data and AV transmission rates

Service Guarantee

We guarantee all our services for a minimum of 10 years, so you can expect a job well done by our team

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We provide a fully documented diagram and documentation of your infrastructure